farm to relief

We believe that a high-quality product leads to a high-quality impact for our customers

All of our hemp is sourced locally from Maryland farms. We work personally with each farm through harvest to ensure that your product is prepared the right way. Starting from the moment it’s cut off the stalk up until it is in your hands.

Farm to Relief

fresh from the field

Grown       |        Dried       |        Cured       |       All in One Location

Cherry Wine

A high potency strain with the terpenes to match


A relaxing hybrid to help with morning and afternoon relief


You can rest soundly through the night with a bit of Merlot after dinner 


An indoor grown sativa great with your morning coffee

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Health and Happiness

We believe in transparency when it comes to your hemp so much that we provide a detailed walkthrough on our process to bring you relief through the form of hemp

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We have dedicated years to improving the lives of those throughout our community

You can rest easy with the knowledge that our team will always work hard to ensure the quality of our products

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